Black Beast Kuroinu

Animation: 9.9/10 Story: 6/10 Sex: 9/10 23/03/2013

This review is based entirely on the first episode
Overview of Story

The dark queen (a dark elf) has power over all evil in the land. Many have tried to oppose and even overthrow her, but none have succeeded. Her armies rely heavily on mercenaries. However, a mercenary called Volt banded all all the mercenaries together, became their leader and was able to capture the Dark Queen.

Sex Highlights

There are some pretty extreme penetrations in this title. The first scene involves orc/demons very similar to the ones found in dark knight ingrid but with long fat twitching cocks that put the Ingrid orcs to shame. On top of this, the elf, who appears to be the dark queens close associate, is relatively small and their cocks are about the width of her waist and probably wider than her throat, but she's still able to handle it. The placement is near enough perfect as it's right at the start and will probably hook most viewers.

The gangbang of the Dark Queen is also a great scene. This is a complete change from all orcs to a load of men who are much more energetic and numerous than the orcs and the theme seems to change to speed rather than size, This transition is done well as most of the orcks are killed during the Dark Queen's attempt to escape and getting intimate with all the men seems the only option.

The gangbang is fast paced and the group are constantly fucking all her holes in different positions often at the same time for a few seconds and blowing their load over her which is pretty bizzare as they are attempting to get her pregnant as conceiving a child with a human is somehow very shameful.

Again, as with The Dark Knight Ingrid and Tentacle and Witches, the two elfs are filled with cum so they swell up. The staff at pixie studios certainly have a thing for it! It happens naturally with the orcs and makes sense (small elf and big orcs with proportionately big balls full of seed). With the first elf, it definetly works better and occurs during a spitroast where two orcs both cum at the same time resulting in the elf being suspended by the two semi erect orcs and then slowly sliding off. It also works with the Dark Queen, perhaps more so as they are attempting to inseminate her purely to shame her. Certainly not the best reason to create a child by any means!

Bad Times

As always, the censoring. The animation quality is great and something you normally only see in still CG images and rarely in animation. There is some repetition in the animation that is noticable. If you take a look at the scene below, it's exactly the same animation occuring in a loop about 3 or 4 times with no changes. It's ok if you really like the scene but it should at least have some minor detectable changes.


This is currently on the top of the pecking order for pixy studios when it comes to animation and content.

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