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So what does licenced roughly translate to? It basically means the series/film has been licenced for distribution in the US and as a result it is highly likely if not almost certainly uncensored as a result and potentially have English dubs. If you would like to know more about censoring in Japan, read this.

Update (Mon 8 Feb 17:51:59 GMT 2016): Videos are now available. This is an automatically genereated and updated nightly. Apologies if there's anything that is blatantly not right. Also please click on and watch the videos as it really helps (£$ etc). There's more to do but it's start. Enjoy!

Update (Tue 18 Feb 16:59:31 GMT 2014): It is no longer a static list, you can now search both unlicenced and licenced. There are also additional filters like 'haz video' which shows all the titles we have videos for etc. Enjoy!

Thanks for voting, looks like more images and paging are the next two on the menu!

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